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Oak Island is one of the greatest mysteries of the modern era, and had been documented in dozens of books, movies and television shows, the most recent being History Channel's "The Curse of Oak Island".

As this Wiki is just starting out, and input is more than welcome and appreciated. Please contact me (KPlantern) on my wall for any questions or suggestions.

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This is about both the physical location, Oak Island, Nova Scotia, as well as the History Channel show, "The Curse of Oak Island". This includes both characters and locations from both Oak Island's history as well as the show, plus theories regarding the Oak Island mystery and its connections to other places and organizations.

All information about Oak Island is welcome to be added. I ask that theories be only those that are formally documented either historically or on the show. Personal theories are welcome also, but I ask that they be contained in personal blogs as opposed to Wiki pages.

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Curse of Oak Island
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