Dan Blankenship
Dan Blankenship
Vital statistics
Position Legendary Treasure Hunter
Age 95
Status Deceased

Overview Edit

Dan is Rick and Marty’s partner and is the man who knows the most about Oak Island’s legends and its tightly guarded secrets. He’s spent the last 49 years and an untold fortune searching, drilling and digging. Dan read the same 1965 Reader’s Digest as Rick and, shortly thereafter, uprooted himself and his wife from their life in Florida to get in on the treasure hunt. To this day, he’s never given up. “It is way too late [to turn back],” says Dan. “It’s been too late for a good many years. I had a good contracting business in Florida. I had friends, a good reputation and I shucked it all to come up here and make a gamble.” Now at age 91, he hopes that with Rick, Marty and their team, his gamble will finally pay off.

History Edit

Dan dug Bore Hole 10-X

Father of David Blankenship.

Episodes Edit

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